Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Lonesome Siren

this is a poem which is for a friend of mine. she told me to write a poem on her .. so i did it. i have tried to catch her in my portrayal. i sincerely feel i got carried away. anyway.. let me know how u like this one... especially U-KNOW-WHO .....

A dark translucent blue lake
Mesmerising a sight, it makes
Silver cool moonlight shimmers on it
And SHE opens her eyes---- a little bit.

She understands everything after
All that she’s been through
And she waits for the rafter
To carry herself across the hue

The wait is a long one
And she lets her mind wander
She remembers the setting sun
The humour, and the laughter.

How she made everyone smile
With her jokes and remarks
Now her own smile is under beguile
Life--- now seems so stark.

All she wanted to was to understand
HE was in desperate need of that
In the end, she just got banned
And turned away from the door mat.

Tears build up in her eyes
And her lungs collapse at the thought
Of him, leaving her in spite
Of all the things she had sought.

She closes her eyes again , she decides
She will let everything out , tonight.
A swooning voice with eloquent grace
And simple charm and steady pace

Slowly it grows, melodies fumble
Overbearing it is, barriers crumble
She is in it, with it, above it
Deeply entwined with her senses----that song.

Drowned in the tune, she opens her eyes
She’s sad no more , she can see the truth.
She realises there are better
No! she herself is better.

She has forgiven him.
Understood and then forgiven.
She is now free, it seems
And again will she soar!

A new place , a new start , a newer moment
Morning has come now, to shine
In its full glory
She is, now, without the torment.



বারুদের গন্ধ এখনও মিলিয়ে যায় নি said...

bhalo kintu rain girl was better borong er ager ta bhalo chilo"BOLD" ta...nyway meye ta k?

acidVox said...

meye ta k chini na sebhabe .. just frnds