Friday, September 19, 2008


i was sitting in the first bench in my circuit theory class !!! ( first bench !!!!! ... I ???) but as usual madam was talking about everything that i didnt know or didnt have the capacity to comprehend. so i did what i do best. i listened to her words. and whenever there was an interesting line, i would start off a paragraph with it in my copy. These lines are in BOLD. it might seem incoherent at first but in time , you will get it ....

Why is this pointless existence
Still have no charm at all?
IS useless even useful when
Broken we lie ,after our fall.

Everyone is fed up with
All the crap in this world
Our environment is full of filth
By effluents from mortal gods

Interpreting what that means
An ardent task ,it seems
I want to have a mind
That has eyes and isn't blind

We sleep while we are awake
Pretention - for our own sake
We aggravate our injury
And reduce ourselves to penury

Sprouting wings and flying away
Is not a feasible thing to do
Cry, and pray we may
But all we are left with , is goo

A slimy , sticky new born lizard
Is better than your scarred face
Fix a date with a wizard
And patch up your broken vase(this para was written while i looked at her !)

A source of light no matter how dim
Still provides every soul a hope
Though far away it might seem
A mighty thing it is , to cope.

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Anonymous said...

gud effort bro.. nicely put... eloquent lines!!

Anonymous said...

RG k bolbo dara:P