Monday, July 21, 2008

Making choices

We always have a choice. It depends on us , and only us, whether we make the right one.

The right one …. Hmm … the word right itself is so incorrect and unfair. Its so relative that if you think from three different views , three different “ rights” emerge.

So to make the right choice , we have to choose the right point of view, align ourselves in the right direction. Wow !! another “ right “ we are left to decide on our own.

I guess that is why we are so dependant on media. We like our decisions to be taken by others. We like to be told, “this is the right soap “ , “ this is the right political view “ etc. etc. Perhaps we mundane people prefer to be told what is right.

That is cool ! we are so good at fooling ourselves. We tell ourselves “ I made the right choice today” , but in all reality that choice was some one else’s and we simply adopted it.

When are we going to get out of or own misconceptions? When we stumble upon a lone person blabbering in his blog ? Nope. It’s going to take time. But I am trying to do it .

You should do it too ! trust me … its fun !!

i had a conversation with an individual the other day about work and " lyadh". i liked that conversation as well as the individual( as a whole).

anyways give me comments ok ??


rimz said...

Really there s no specific parameter to decide 'righteousness' of our doings, n olways it's others to decide wether we did a wrong or rite..
Nwys i dnt care 'much' fr others' comments, i just do wat i feel right n good, rather the way, i feel it shud be(irrespective of rite or wrong)...

acidVox said...

thats what u think u do rimz. ask urself wat u do .... if still u find the same answer, then u have achieved the goal i have aimed for in the blog

amrita said...

owho....u r rtie..dude...we r so judge mnetal n bogged down by wad oders think before we mek decisions dat dey seldom remain our decisions at all....truly enlightening blog,,,keep it up....

acidVox said...

i will. thanks for all the encouragement !!

Rajyashree Sen said...

Who was the individual?
Enumerate the conversation and correlate it with the post.

acidVox said...

err could we focus on the real funda of the blog and not on the side comments which slipped my mind's permeable barriers ?

please ?