Wednesday, August 27, 2008

why did i do that ?

today we all guys from the salt lake campus went to the main campus for all the different " daabi " s and " gherao " .. ( why does our CM say he hates these??) .. n e ways , i ended up shouting slogans which even the road side dogs cared not to hear. i didnt get my five star face on tv.

instead i ended up loitering around JUDE and getting all frustu about how my life could have turned about if i had actually listened to my heart and gone for english honours instead of thinking about my family and all our lives and ending up with engineering.

after that we had even more fun. we had a bunch of first years and i offerd to drop this girl off at her hostel( wicked of me ??) ... but then this other guy was hell bent upon dropping this dame off coz i guess ths guy had this crush on her. now the fact is that i am basically a nice guy and i let people have their way with me. but today i dont know why but i suddenly was unrelenting to give up my space. why ???? why the freaking fohkeeng why was i being an ass ?

i dont know. i guess i was trying to be the alpha male in the group .. like a lion or something ... he he freaaakish ..

on another note , we pulled off ciipus 2008 in a grand way and it was my first team work thing ... ( thank god i didnt screw up !), also my band finished our first recording. sum41 : pieces ... it is perfect ! right now i am trying ac/dc ... adios senoritas

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