Thursday, June 26, 2008


Right now I am just trying to break my head and spill out my brains , thanks to SEPULTURA , they are so helpful at these times. I am feeling just so idiotic and useless. What have I done in my life ? nothiiing that’s right …nothing. In the afternoon Gavaskar came along . he called me up, said he wanted to “ explain “ stuff to me . great , so I go to this place near my home and I am wearing shorts which literally fall off if I run too fast , and there is Gavaskar with a dame. It was so obvious, I am so lame explanations required I get th point , you have come to my home and u will remain there for like upto 5 pm .. playing stupid games ( seriously , who will believe that lame excuse )…. That’s what I have to report if your mom calls up right ? and all that time when I am busy defeating Manchester united with a Chelsea squad which does not resemble the real one ( relax fifa 08 guys !) , youu Gavaskar run around courting your south city college dame ….
Needless to say I am in a foul mood when I return after hearing Gavaskar s “ stuff “ … and I end up shouting at my mother for ruining my life by making me score good in school !!
Naa seriously .. I did not have a old flame in high school … why ?? I was f###g busy to work my ass off and get into a good college. And now that I am here … now what ? I am again f####g busy to work , and fill up forms , and apply for visa and do other menial work to get my ass into some bigshot university for my ,masters.
Wow !! the roxvox of sepultura can really shout ! wonder if he is a frustrated geek like me ! naah …. Any ways I have decided its high time for me to get up and START SHOUTING…. I saw some one’s comment at sumit’s blog ; it said “ BANG BANG BANG “ that’s what we need to do with our monotonous life.
Just switched on Christ illusion by Slayer … does the computer know what to play ?? thanks my friend .. u r my pc u r my friend … u r cool.
Naah ! I cant go on, my head is reeling already ! and what do u guess ? Pantera is waiting !! feels good .. feels like u are in control of your mind.

Regards to ferluci .. acidVox signing off


acidVox said...

ladies and gentlemans comments are welcome ... it gives me a feeling sm1 is looking at my stuff...please....

sumit_metal said...

Nice post ........ but the " bang bang bang " ur reffering to had a double meaning ...... which you wont understand cuz u have no clue as to what I've been upto in recent times ...... Neways I can identify with ur emotions !

Mounamukhar said...

well written buddy!!
bt frnkly speakin dat Gavaskar stuff went ova my head..