Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Acid bulb part 2

It might appear that utter foolishness and impossible dreams urge me to start writing on a mature topic such as this. But if I speak truly, personal reflections and thoughts about these things have forced me to write what I am doing right now. The thoughts keep bothering me all the time. The only way to let out the steam is to write it down.

The reader must know that I have tried to represent actual facts through my self-degrading writings. My anger, vented out in this fashion, is not directed to any particular person but to the entire creed of a criticised class. I express my most humble apologies for not knowing the political scenario of the plethora of democratic nations , but I have to say , if it is the same as in India or rather west Bengal , it is surely not delectable.

Visualize this- a student , aspiring to reach the topmost rung of success, has to bear with 730 politicians who are trying to blow their lungs out, and has to study for his board exams , and pursue higher studies- amidst all that noise and disturbance !!

May everyone else have deliverance from such inhuman behaviour !

p.s. these posts were originally written by me on the evening before my history and civics exam in class ten . god knows how i managed 94 in it , considering that i was so busy venting out my anger the earlier evening .... if god doesn't know i guess ferluci does !!