Thursday, June 26, 2008


thats what a long session wid Slayer can do to u !

anyways people who were confused wid my post HYSTERIA , here are a few facts . Gavaskar is just a collge friend , probably my best mate in college. his name is actually Rohan , and he is wickedly great with table tennis. the first time i met him i gave him this name " Gavaskar " , i dont know why , probably because he resembled a sport person.

when u look at this pic beside the post , what s the word that comes to your mind instantly ? please readers let me know .. one word that is it . comment in my blog.

i guess i also have to thank rob sheridian for this awesome example of digital photography ! any ways someone told me late last night ( or was it early this morning ? ) that i am over doing this blogging stuff : what can i do ? if i dont blog , ill become this specimen of interest beside u ---->

any ways dudes and dudettes remember to tell me the first word in your mind ..ok ? waiting for your delicious comments its acidVox signing off

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