Friday, June 27, 2008

Gaawdd everything is burning !!

Suddenly in the evening I decide that I have to cook maggi ( not maagi !) and eat. I don’t listen to my mom , “ no I will do it myself !” I speak out firmly. After all a grown up guy, I mean man , has to start looking after himself right ?

So I go and ask the shopkeeper “ how much ? for one maggi ?” the shopkeeper looks at me through his half rimmed glasses which need changing , and smiles wickedly; u know those narrow smiles which say so less and tell so more . “ maggi !!! “ I shout in his ears to make my point and dispel any doubts in his mind. Having completed the transaction I returned home.

So there I am , greatest chef of the century cooking maggi , whats the tagline ? yes I remember “ kholo , ubalo aur khalo “ ha ha.. so easy. But I am noy going to do that right ? I remember this chef I had seen in tv who spoke of “ experimenting with gastonomical delights” , so I also start experimenting… with chillies !

There are so many chillies, fat ones , small ones , round ones , red ones … even some people are there like chillies. Well for one thing is common to them all.

THEY BURN ! I slice the chillies , right through the middle making a symmetric cut … “ they smell nice” I say to myself. I hold them in my hand and sprinkle , yes , sprinkle, them over my almost done maggi noodles. And then I rub my hand on my forehead ( I am sweating like a pig ) . and u know what happens ? IT BURNS !

My forehead is burning… I wash it with water …” aaaoooooowww” its no use its still burning. Suddenly I feel this tremendous urge to pee ! but I cant go ! cause if I do the maggi will get burnt ! so my forehead is burning and the maggi is burning. But I am not giving up ! I stir the noodles, I check the water level , I see that the plate is ready … and all this , while I am desperately wanting to go somewhere else. No surprise , some part of mine starts burning. So my forehead is burning, the maggi is burning and something else is burning. Gaawdd everything is burning !!

I don’t know how I manage to eat the tremendously hot maggi on a tremendously and equally hot evening, but I pull it off. “Great show boy ! I mean man !” ,I say to myself. And I do something I do best. I blog and make u laugh !

p.s. some part of me : understand on your own !! otherwise i will be censored !!


arko said...

awesum buddy......keep on producin all dis mindblowin stuff so dat we can get 2 know wat a sample piece u r.....hehehe

Anonymous said...

man ... u r one dude who can write great stuff.... u will b great one day ...

rimz said...

man i read ur this product today only,.
this is the besssssssssssssst ,man..
Really liked it lot.Zara hatke frm d recent serious stuffz, may b dats y liked it soo much.
keep it up..

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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