Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Acid bulb - part 1

In the dominant political scenario there is never an equipoise of power------ before the elections, forget it; during it, there is (considering the immense political force stationed at every nook and corner and an excess at the various polling booths), after it--- if u live in India, you just cannot ask for it.

Perhaps, the most vibrant display of this can be found in the various banners enlightening our roads. But wait; there is not only one language or colour trying to spread the message to everyone. You will find magnificent fluorescent coloured writings, in various fonts, giving optical illusions etc, and you will have the same message written side by side in two, sometimes three, languages. Call it the “dance of democracy “ or the effort to eradicate illiteracy in a practical way” …I just wonder what impression this offal trash leaves on the citizens of civilised nations who come to visit our country.

The criticised class would say, in a firm voice, booming with authority, “ the constitution of India provides mass propaganda etc etc”. I am never attempting to devalue our constitution in any meagre way, but to just make my point let me say this. I AM FED UP. I am fed up of trying to prepare for a competitive examination where I try to oust a lakh of equally deserving candidates… while 367 members of the criticised class shout at the top of their voice … which is amplified by mikes and loudspeakers, for 365 days of the year.

If u want to , hang me !! at least I will die a martyr !!


rimz said...

Who s gonna hang u man???
u r very right.
so-called Politics of our country just sucks...
i'll be ur lawyer.[thogh cant give u gaurantee wats gonna happen aftr dat].

acidVox said...

he he