Monday, June 23, 2008

Being Unsuccesful

this is a poem which i had written some time back after i had not come first in my class !! i know it was crazy to say that i had become unsuccesful in life .. but at that moment it felt like that ... its hard to introspect brings out the truth and makes u stare blankly at your own stupidity.. anyway here goes ....

Sometimes in life u don't get what u want,

U pray boast sacrifice and flaunt,

but before u realize everything is a waste ,

And u realize that failure is bitter to taste,

Your dream has suddenly died ,

Whose living should have plied ,

And twisted your fate ,

So u could be happy and not full of hate,

Towards the world state and feelings ,

Of being unsuccesful, unfruitful tillings,

And how do i know so much andtell so much u ask ?

Well i have been unsuccesful a few times ,

And it was a gruelling task,

The pain finally has to end,

And this message to u i send.


Vardhanam said...


Anonymous said...

its kinda err.....HONEST....and dats y i like it....

rimz said...

its verry true.
the poem truely shows the pain of being unsuccessful..

acidVox said...