Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I haven't written in quite some time. I lacked the drive. Someone told me to write again. I am making that person the drive.

Life in general is pretty tiring
With problems, assignments and deadlines
Every night you end up perspiring
Still entangled within the same endless vines
While you work, and while you toil
Carelessly you stumble on someone else
Someone who sprout from the same soil
On the beach, collecting the same shells

Life in general is then pretty nice
Every morning you wake up with sunshine
Exploring all the virtue and vice
Utilising all the energy that you can mine
This person it seems was sent from heaven
Who never agrees and always sees
YOU, as you were since you were seven
Who always criticises the colour of your tees

Life in general blossoms in the spring
All your ideas now become possible whims
With that person, even you sprout a wing
Dive off the cliff just to see how the One swims
You make it a point to talk every moment
And the ones you dont is spent in thought
You let yourself be carried by the torrent
Never thinking twice whether you ought

Life in general isnt pretty fair
One day its time for the One to go
Somewhere you cant display your flair
And there isnt a boat you can row
Then the small things matter, then they become big
And all the thoughts and emotions reverb
Cause you cannot ever snap off this twig
The One lives in your city, in the farthest suburb

Life in general now becomes a quest
A means by which you shall reach the end
And the roads might not be to your taste
Yet you're sure you will not bend
When promise and opportunity both together
Strike at the same time on your door
You know you will brave any weather
To be with the One always, to settle the score


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Anonymous said...

hope u remember me still...its been more than a yr. i guess that i logged into y blog..i sat thru the night reading my own blogs and then catching up with the comments on each..n thr i find u agn..its good that u continue blogging..i seem to have lost the total blockage it seems..d hand doesnt move wen i try typing. strange na!

ya over the years since i started blogging in my 1st yr. of college..upto much has chngd..semesters, assignments exams n now u said..took away all d time..n smtimes it scares me janish..makes me think that m loosing my bettr half..the half that could once express itself so well...
keep on wriiting..bujhli..dun lose urself..ur true better half.. :) least till u find the other better half :P ..

it was a nice read...after long.