Monday, March 2, 2009

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i know not why the protagonist of most of my ramblings happens to be feminine in form . it maybe because perhaps the strongest people i know are women. readers opine that i am better at writing unlinked aberrant ramblings. in the present i attempt to do the same.

the chastity of a woman. the love of one. they are interlinked. if a woman can, she can place someone in her mind and her heart, devote her entire soul into the same. she can spend years waiting for the person she is in love with. no form of mortal suffering, no form of desire is strong enough to deprive her of that, her chastity remains untouched and that is power. raw brute power which you know you must bow down to.

yes, you are correct, i am reading SRIKANTA by SARATCHANDRA. the translator's note was that this was a nineteenth century novel. even in this day, at this present moment, i can find meaning and realisation in the same.

the realisation , that i am a coward and a low puny human. anyone waiting for me for " a year or so .." if you still are , please don't. i am not worthy of such devotion. i will run away. i have always ran away. this makes me what i am today. a coward. nothing else.


i have had a long overdue haircut.

i might start a new blog.

i am currently throwing away my pseudoisms


Twisha Mukherjee said...

No are equally strong too. and women can be terribly weak too.
Back in the 19th century a woman didn't have the "scope" to explore herself, her limits, as much a woman today has. So, the editor's note makes sense.
Anyway, I need to stop this nasty habit of trying to impose my opinions on others. so, forget it...
Yet, looking forward to an impartial debate on this over the phone...
Btw, I knew about the haircut..what about a new blog? I mean why? Is it going to have a new theme/perspective, or just an eternal halo-Part II?
And, pseudoisms? Elaborate on that!

Puff said...

"Sensible" people don't wait, really. They just love the person concerned, quietly. Such love is more like the sound of water running beneath the earth, the most beautiful sound in the planet.

acidVox said...

@ rai

" sensible " people dont wait. thats the point. period.

acidVox said...

@ twisha

no i will name that blog SKIPJACK diaries. i hope the name makes sense

pseudoisms : falsehood. things that i am not . things that are cliche. adopted for the sake of acceptance in a group of predominantly pseudo people

yes... we will have a prolonged debate on the phone. but its u who will have to call.. my phone budgets are drastically decreasing due to 1. recession 2. mom


Twisha Mukherjee said...

@rai, @ diptohjit: Do you mean, you can love a person, without waiting for him/her to come back to you or just come to you?

Puff said...

Yes. Absolutely. 'Relationships' may end, but love doesn't. And even when relationships don't start, love can't stop being.

Puff said...

And when I mean sensible people don't wait I mean if you are reasonable enough you won't hope that the person will fall in love with you for this is not in our hands. But will any of these make you stop admire the person "you" like? The most you can do is "ignore" the feeling or get used to it.

William Wren said...

hey, come visit me