Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crackers in a puddle

A crescent,  green and holy

Dark irons emerge from its nerve

Pierce through a virgin heart

Red. Gushing and frothing arise

And flow in the slope


White rats scurry in haste

Black ants , hither and thither

Run,  but to no avail

Darkness spares no-one there

Death by drowning is cruel.


Snubbing off life for reasons

Beyond comprehension is , a sin

No i don’t blame u mortal

I blame HE who does so

Ensnare you ,blind your logic


Curse HIM. No kill HIM

Wait. HE cant be killed

Then put HIM in our hell

Yes , do it right now

Take HIM to trial !!!


Twisha Mukherjee said...

okay...except for the controversy over the implication of 'irons', it's a powerful poem, with powerful and effective words. But you don't want to publish it in a place where it can reach out to other people. So what's the use?
Number two: why punish HIM? If the terrorists are 'mortals', why ain't the mastermind behind them so? He wasn't born a demi-god, he wasn't born evil. He's mortal as well. The day he saw the light of the world, he was an innocent baby as well. Something changed him. Find the 'something'. Find the cause that made HIM what he is today. Kill the CAUSE. Violence begets violence. So punishing the criminal is not the solution.

acidVox said...

purging the world isnt a realistic goal.

killing the root .. so that no more irons are produced ... is.

thank u for the effort

Twisha Mukherjee said...

the 'root' won't get killed. Watch 'The Kingdom'. Kill a man. His children will kill you. your children will kill them. their grand-children will kill again. and so on.
You're actually in support of capital punishment, it seems!

acidVox said...

i support punishment....

international judicial systems , added to human rights activists , culminate in a worse fate than death

Anonymous said...

High thoughts...high thoughts...higher words!

acidVox said...

high ... higher....highest

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

Being blinded to the extent of killing people,and losing one's humanity ,I believe is a sin,a grievous one too..! So the blame is on the blinded and the one who blinds too..!

The narrative builds up an appropriately sinister picture.With a "refrain" in place,I can see it in a heavy metal album too. ;-)

Rene Lacoste said...

I know this is like blatantly obvious..but well that is what I put my money on. :D

So I'll put my money on this being about the captured one and the talk on him being granted a fair trial. Right? :D

acidVox said...

@ C , thanks for the heavy metal album poke ...

@ R , this is about the un captured one .. and putting him under life imprisonment in solitary confinement in one of those dark underground prisons u see in rambo movies

Anonymous said...

all i can say is.. bitter truth!

acidVox said...

ahh the TRUTH ... always what i strive to see