Sunday, October 12, 2008

The lonesome siren part II

The only thing that is constant
In this world, is change itself
Spontaneous thinking , in an instant
And turning over a new leaf.

Said the siren , to herself as
She sat alone on the bank
It seems life always has 
Given her opportunities, in black.

" No more pondering , today i jump"
The siren to herself, proclaims
The only way to get out of the slump
And the pain, this life claims.

She is on the boat now, adrift
Evn though she isnt sure
Whether the time had arrived
Whether it was time to be pure

She again lost control, and
Her mind started to wander
Re-visit her 'happy' place, and
Whatever she visioned her to be

Singing , day and night through
Remaining engrossed in the beat 
Living in, around, off the music
Spell binding evryone in their seat

Returning home to find someone 
Holding out his outstretched hand
An insatiable urge to learn 
How good, she really can be !

Whether it was true, that
Something she could give him
In return for the attention
That blossomed in her every whim

That is what she really wants
The siren realizes it now
Not HE who walks out
When the boat is just adrift 

Now that she returns to her mind 
And sees that she has crossed
The lake that had seemed
To be endless and mossed.

The old bank now is far away
And she feels a reason , not to be afraid
To be brave, and happy
About how her life turned out 

As the boat touches the shore
Apprehension still exists
In her mind, like before
She still is wanting more

Unfulfilment , which eats her soul
And cripples her mind, as a parasite
She now feels she has the might
To find someone who would fill that hole

Make her complete, with the song
And fondle her hair, ankle long
She gets up, confident with feelings
Of actually getting whatever there is

This is the new beginning
That she has been waiting for
Leaving the marred past behind
She looks ahead, and walks through the door.

SHE steps off.
SHE has seen the light.



Anonymous said...

hey...i like this poem...really nice...but am curious to know why you think i should especially like it???.....

acidVox said...

i dont hav any real reasons to think smthg .. i jst think ... and say .. nothng aftr or b4 ...

ito sum up .. i dont know ..i jst felt so

Poulomi said...

m too touchd by d last half..lovely!

acidVox said...

thanks polu

Sreerupa Chatterjee said...

Dat was really the "fondlin' her hair part" and dat u shud make it ankle long.
appreciatin' otherwise,

acidVox said...

perfection can never be achieved ...

flaws are naturally existent

acidVox said...

thanks for the effort f readin