Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Don’t be afraid. I am not going to start give a description of how Kolkata was born .If u have been reading my blog, its no secret. I am a geek , simple minded , down to earth , truth-up-your-face kind of a geek. Lets not rumble anymore , its time to thunder.

In my last history exam I got 94 ( as if u didn’t guess that !). i don’t know any dialogues with the word history: though “ sundor thobratar history baniye debo “ sounds pretty good.

What I am going to do is dig up the past. Dig up my puny, mundane and ordinary life. Which I had recorded now and then in the pages of my diary. I will just give an account of some pieces which touch my heart and seem important to me. I will also add a few side notes for everyone to understand.

3rd june 2002

I have decided to write a diary. To protect its privacy I will write it in Greek.
That is all I have to say.

I was actually a kid that time. How I managed to concoct this plan I don’t know. (I actually used greek alphabets and a English language) Maybe I was trying to become da Vinci or something.

13th September 2003

Last night my grandmother passed away. She was a cancer patient. I wept bad, very bad. I will miss u! Love, grandson

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3rd June 2004

I destroyed my mom’s simcard. I got whacked by a shoe when she came back.

What i did was that I locked the PIN of the sim. Then I forgot the damn number and punched in wrong combinations. So the sim somehow entered “AUTO MELTDOWN” or something. I remember throwing my mom’s shoes in the drain that night!

16th July 2004

Today was inter-house quiz. P4 wasn’t there. So we managed to come in 2nd. But we all love it. Everybody got a fair chance.

P4 : problem child 4 , just a funny name I gave to a classmate who was immensely talented and I couldn’t stand at all. (Still can’t!)

31st march 2005

Enough for plane designs , and co-curricular activities. I am now in class eleven. Here starts the real journey called life. I am aware that my actions hereon will determine the path my career will take. No more intelligence, “ faanki” . only long and diligent study is what I need to do. I will forget television and movies. I will study.

Just some high end crap from some low end kid! Seriously “forget television “?? Get real mini-me.. That is not possible! ha ha !

3rd April 2006

Today in the morning thammaa went for an xray. She has fractured something. But I am diptya.. and I make the rules around here. Mom says dad has no mediclaim. Loads of money will be spent on thamma s care only. MY DAD CANT AFFORD A PRIVATE COLLEGE. I have to get a chance in the government college. And I will study, keeping in mind that many have succeeded achieving greater goals in much more challenging situations. Aami porbo aar ami jitbo.

No fun here guys! I was serious and I really did think all this. Note for anyone who thinks iam not brave… it takes balls to actually mean something like that and start life from the next day with just 1 goal in mind ! to speak lightly … did shahrukh steal the last line and made it korbo lorbo jitbo rey ?? I must sue him !

19th April 2007

U know I have made so many promises in my diary to u .today I am thinking why I wasted two years of my life? Why didn’t I study like a fool ? in one way its cool. Now I am thinking that ill study from home and go to BESU or JU and study electronics.

For the record wbjee date for 2007 was 21st april. So this entry is 2 days ahead of the exam and I sound so damn confident of success. I don’t know…but I sound relaxed. He he … relaxed and decided what to do after my exams just before it …. Not many can do that I guess !! 21st may 2007

Yesterday was the turning point of my life ! I did it ! I have entered JU. World … look out .. here I come !!!

Crappy sounds of joy ..

Still with me ? wow ! if u read so much and are not bored please encourage or discourage me on what u would like to hear besides puny incidents of my pathetic life ! in other words … comment please.


rimz said...

Suppperrrbbbbbbbbbbbb man.
Truely liked it a lot, minute details do really touches mind.

LOADS OF BEST WISHES for ya n ur Future.

acidVox said...

aah ... so u want a post titled " sci-fi : back to the future " ???

ha ha ahahaaa just jokin.
thanks rimz

anurag181988 said...

Its becoming an addiction man.I cnt do without reading yr blog!keep writing keep rollin!!
''The way we were,
The chance to save my soul...
And my concern is now in vain.
Believe the word,
I will unlock my door...
And pass the cemetery...''

acidVox said...

intoxication is a word i love ! anurag thanks for reading. i hope to give u reading pleasure.... and ill try to compete with Pantera ! they rock and i roll !!!!

keyboard is mightier than guitar ??

he he . keep readin

suchetana said...

gr8888888 Yaar.....

I'm juss bcumin fan of ur blog......

keepit up DEAr........

acidVox said...

i really like the encouragement .... i will make an effort to give more to my readers

Anonymous said...

u write gr8 blogs!!!but thn wat inspired u 2 write da chapter mirror n lust??

acidVox said...

er hello anonymous reader.

of mirrors and lust was written after a bit of introspection on what i really wanted to do with my life, and whether my puny life was really worth it !

u can say its a reflection of my mind.

thanks for your patience for reading my blog. keep visiting dude/dudette