Friday, June 26, 2009

The purpose of existence

We are like burnt logs of wood, drifting downstream. Now that we have served our purpose , we are allowed to rot, decompose and vanish from view. Downstream is where we go, we flow where the current takes us, not questioning anything, silently , onward to our obvious removal from existence.

Two words, purpose and existence. And so much is said in between. What is the purpose of existence ? What is the existence of purpose ? Abstract nouns, leading to abstract ideas. Abstract because no-one ponders about them. Why bother ? Let us keep moving. Tight-lipped,
un-mindful, without realisation. As we have been , all our lives till now.

Now. The word rings with weight. Denotes energy , denotes action. Now we do what is to be done. What was to be done before. Now , we stop. Now , we think , and not be made to think, and made to believe that it was ourselves that thought. Us , and they. They who manipulate us. They who try to , and are successful at giving us a purpose. Giving us an existence.

Now, we break them. And try to remember. Anything. I remember a few moments in my life. Toy, hatred. anger, humiliation, love. I remember them all. It is strange how these things prioritise themselves in your remembrance. Not the facts. Not the data. But these.

These are it. These are the reasons why we exist. Emotions. Interactions. Being 'human'-like in form,shape and thought. These form the purpose. The purpose of our existence. We exist to feel. We feel to exist.

I will not say everything I am thinking. You do that part for yourself.

That is the existence of purpose .
That is the purpose of existence.


Twisha Mukherjee said...

Isn't it too controversial a something? Remember that girl in Monalisa Smile who said that it's wrong to think that living life for your own desires isn't the only way to live a meaningful life. Living life for others' desires is a meaningful life too. At times. It's complicated. You can't entrap such abstract debates within a few paragraphs. They are meant to be pondered upon, and forgotten about, and pondered upon again, perpetually.
I liked the part where you said that we think what "they" want us to think, we do what "they" ant us to do. Whom did you denote by "they"? The so-called teachers at educational institutions and parents etc...or the Communists? ;-)

acidVox said...

" they " are evry1 who control us , or try to control us.

no communists .... :P

William Wren said...

excellently put

acidVox said...

hey can i follow u on twitter ? william ?

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

Reminds me of a line from one of Nick Drake's songs : "Here and now,I would be, I should be,but how?"

We live to die.
We might not die to live.That brings in the whole debate about salvation and after-life etc.

But in any case,we die BECAUSE we have LIVED.

Loved it. :)