Thursday, September 4, 2008

this is a poem i wrote in my fluid mechanics class on tuesday . apparently the professor was trying to describe the physical appreciation of vortex flow in a semi- turbulent system. i was not getting anything he was speaking . so i left it on my topper Aveek to understand the things in class , while i started to write this . ok i will shut up now !

U , NOT ME !

I forsake my heart and forsake my soul
I lay my heart open for you
Now i am like a day-light mole
And my chest has a red hue.

My thoughts are aimlessly wandering
Yet all roads lead to you
My pride once was towering
Now shattered it is ; due to you.

Give me my peace back
Pay up your due
I just want my mind
To stop thinking about you.

What do you want from me ?
Do you want me to die ?
Do it all at once ...
Not time after time.

Atleast let me leave in honour
( let me ) run away with things that are mine
Yes ! truly i am a goner
My life , a half-filled glass of wine !


Rajyashree Sen said...

I guess all these are like mumps. U just have to go through them once. And for all.

acidVox said...

i guess so